Custom Research

Custom Consulting

Consulting work can take many forms and can be used to achieve many different goals. As a market strategy consultancy focused on the wireless and mobile communications industry, iGR has built a consulting practice based on the ability to research and analyze the impact new wireless and mobile technologies have on the industry, on vendors' competitive positioning, and on our clients' strategic business plans. We provide expert advice, analysis, and recommendations to help executive management make informed decisions to the benefit of their organizations.

Over the past eighteen years, iGR has completed many consulting projects. Although the agreements with our clients do not allow us to discuss the project methodologies, results or recommendations, what follows is a high-level description of some of those projects:

  • New Market Opportunity Analysis for a major IT infrastructure vendor - to build the business model for a new wireless service, iGR interviewed a number of small and large operators.
  • Business plan development for a major mobile solutions vendor - to determine the demand and potential opportunities for a significant piece of wireless infrastructure, iGR interviewed a number of small and large operators, as well as technology partners.
  • Market Opportunity Analysis for a major mobile content provider - to build a model to show the potential demand for specific mobile content, iGR built a business plan using existing research, forecasts, industry knowledge, surveys and interviews with mobile operators and other content providers.
  • New Device Evaluation - through a series of focus groups and two large Web surveys, iGR provided input into the design of a new enterprise-class mobile device, including features, form factor, functionality and application support.
  • White papers on a variety of topics including emerging wireless services and applications, adoption of new technologies and network elements, IMS, mobile content revenue assurance, MVNEs, and enterprise broadband wireless applications.
  • ROI Scenarios, demonstrating the benefits of various wireless and mobile applications for specific vertical industries.
  • Competitive Analysis - multiple projects have covered SIM cards, billing platforms, IN elements and infrastructure, enterprise devices, and wireless content services and provisioning.
  • Market trials - iGR has conducted several market trials for new wireless devices, including logistic support and primary research.
  • Market assessment - for a major mobile operator, iGR completed an assessment of the demand for wireless broadband services and applications.
  • Indirect Channel Assessment - iGR has completed several projects to define channel strategies for wireless devices, services and applications. Projects included interviews with VARs and other indirect channel vendors to determine the potential for wireless devices, services, applications and content through these partners.