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Testing 5G's Mettle


Pages: 21

5G is coming – fixed wireless this year and mobile 5G next. This paper focuses on testing 5G networks – not the trials many operators are conducting around the world – but the day-to-day testing of the network to ensure that it delivers as effectively on day one as on day five hundred and one.

During the initial years of hybrid LTE/5G, MNOs that deploy nonstandalone 5G NR will have to simultaneously support, test and monitor and tune both networks (sub-6GHz LTE and mmWave 5G) individually as well as their interactions. Because some of the first 5G NR networks will use Massive MIMO antenna arrays in the 28 GHz mmWave band, additional factors that will need to be tested and monitored include: initial access, beam tracking, beam sweeping, beam measurement and beam determination.

This white paper discusses 5G NR, plans for its deployment and expected new use cases. It also describes the methodologies used to test 5G networks and how these differ from those used today for LTE. The ultimate goal is to keep operators' 5G networks tested, tuned and delivering a quality 5G experience for end users.