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Using Signal Boosters to Improve Mobile Coverage: Solutions for property owners and managers


Pages: 13

A variety of factors can inhibit cellular signal coverage inside a building, from a poorly located cell site to the type of building materials used. For example, energy efficient windows and radiant barriers in the roof are ideal for reducing the energy needs of a building, but are also notorious for blocking cell signals. As a result, many people find that coverage inside of buildings, from homes to offices and hotels, can be lacking with dead spots and poor signal in multiple locations.

A signal booster is a type of small cell that takes an existing cellular signal and rebroadcasts it inside a building or in a local area. Signal boosters are great at improving coverage in specific locations, including commercial buildings, parking garages and other large structures with poor or non-existent coverage.

This white paper defines signal boosters and discusses how they can be effectively used to improve mobile coverage in buildings.