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White Papers

Powering the 5G Small Cell Era


Pages: 17

Power is the forgotten issue with respect to small cell siting. Here is why: a usable source of power does not always coincide with the optimal location for the small cell. An operator might have the spectrum, backhaul and location at their ideal, desired location, but not have a source of power running to the site. The assumption that power is available everywhere, like in the home or office, is not true. The truth is that power can be as hard and as expensive to provision as fiber backhaul.

Small cells are essential components of 4G and 5G network architectures, but until the power issue is solved, it will be difficult to ever achieve routine deployment.

This white paper discusses small cells and why they are necessary in evolving mobile networks, small cell power attributes, the need for backup, and other issues regarding small cell power. The white paper also focuses on two alternative methods for powering small cell networks: hybrid fiber coaxial cable (HFC) and remote line power (RLP).