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Mobile Edge Computing: The Edge is the Future


Pages: 18

Mobile data usage is on the rise. Subscribers all over the world churn through gigabytes of streaming video, music, and social network every month. Mobile network owners are scrambling to stay ahead of data demand by densifying their radio access networks with small cells.

Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is a new option for network owners. Its key value proposition is that it allows an operator to provide new services by opening up their RAN edge. It does this by placing smart nodes at the edge of a mobile network, for example, right where small cells would likely be placed. These nodes would run virtualized software on general purpose server hardware all housed within a secure form factor. These edge nodes can emulate parts of the core network, serve as reliable caching units and/or run virtualized applications from any number of an operator’s developer partners.

This paper discusses the ETSI standard for mobile edge computing, how MEC can be deployed, and the benefits it provides to operators and mobile subscribers.