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Life Cycle Management TCO: vCPE and vVoLTE


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Since the beginning of the cellular industry in the early 1980s, mobile networks have used dedicated hardware solutions to provide service, but in recent years the largest mobile operators have started to move to virtualized mobile networks and have gradually migrated network elements to virtualized solutions. Simply put, mobile virtualization involves defining network functions in software and not via their union with specifically designed hardware.

Since the key to building, managing and operating a virtualized mobile network is correctly managing software, lifecycle management (LCM) is critical. In order to see the financial benefits from a virtualized telecom networks, mobile operators must conquer the virtualized LCM.

This white paper discusses mobile network virtualization, software defined networks, and the lifecycle management of a virtualized mobile network. To demonstrate the total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits of a virtual mobile network, this paper includes two examples: virtual voice over LTE (vVoLTE) and virtual customer premise equipment (vCPE).