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White Papers

Increasing commercial property value with wireless networks


Pages: 15

Outdoor cellular coverage and capacity has improved significantly in the last two decades, such that the majority of the population now relies on their smartphones for personal and business communications. Indeed, an entire generation has now grown up without using a landline telephone or wired Ethernet – cellular and Wi-Fi are all they know. But these improvements in the cellular networks have been limited to the outdoor environment and, typically, the cellular experience inside a large building is still lacking.

Poor indoor cellular coverage has led to demand by commercial building owners for In-building Wireless (IBW) solutions that are not funded by the mobile operators but still meet the MNOs’ technical and operational network standards. The market is therefore evolving to allow a building owner or manager to deploy a network and then connect to the mobile operator's network.

This white paper discusses the factors that drive demand for IBW solutions, various IBW solutions, including DAS, and current and future IBW business models.