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Maximizing Visibility of GTP Sessions in Mobile Networks


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As the penetration of mobile subscribers rises in each market around the world, so competition among network operators increases to both reduce churn and acquire new customers.

Mobile subscribers are increasingly moving from 2G and 3G networks to 4G LTE, using devices that demand more network bandwidth. Not only do LTE subscribers consume more network capacity but they also use more varied types of traffic. As a result of these shifts in the market, mobile network management is becoming more complex and more critical to the mobile network operator’s business. Visibility across the network at the subscriber and session level is required to feed the business and network management processes. This requires the ability to correlate GTP (GPRS Tunneling Protocol) session data, which provides a complete picture of a subscriber’s activity across the radio access and core networks.

The issue today is that GTP session correlation is a function performed by the network probes and management tools, which is a costly approach prone to bottlenecks. One solution is to divorce the GTP session correlation from the probes by offloading the GTP session analysis to a GTP session controller. This paper discusses the GTP session controller and its benefits when used for GTP session correlation.