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Addressing small cell issues: Size and RF performance


Pages: 16

In order to deploy 5G, the next generation of mobile network architectures that promises increasing speeds and lower latency, the network must be densified. Densification implies more cell sites in more locations and getting the signal closer to the users. This means significantly more small cells – there is simply no choice other than to put more radios into the network.

The problems with deploying small cells are well known in the wireless industry: location, backhaul, power and spectrum. RF performance is also critical – the small cell is part of a larger network and must perform on an equal footing. Good RF performance, low PIM and good isolation must be maintained in the small cell architecture, as the demands of 5G and the ability to meet the industry goals for 5G depend on it.

This white paper discusses the challenges of deploying small cells, which include balancing small size and RF performance, as well as several possible configurations for successful small cell deployments.