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The Value of Low Latency in a 5G World: Enabling new apps and services


Pages: 22

The performance of mobile networks is defined as much by bandwidth as latency. Most measures of ‘good’ networks simply point to the speed of the download or the amount of bandwidth a user gets. But, latency has as much – if not more – impact on an end user’s experience of the network’s quality. And while 5G promises higher bandwidth for each user, these next generation networks are also aiming for an order-of-magnitude reduction in network latency.

Adding bandwidth in a mobile network is relatively easy – the mobile operator ‘simply’ has to add LTE channels or use smaller cell sites (fewer users sharing the resource means more bandwidth per user). Reducing network latency is far more difficult, since the performance of each component in the network connection has to be improved.

This white paper discusses low network latency, a core requirement of a 5G network, and how low latency is achieved using a Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) solution.