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The Importance of Edge Analytics in a 5G World: Driving Revenue from Analytics


Pages: 22

As the industry works towards the first 5G deployments in the next few years (iGR expects the first networks using IMT-2020 to be built starting in 2020), mobile operators are also starting to build the infrastructure and platforms necessary for monetizing the new generation of mobile networks. The new 5G architectures will require a new approach to collecting and analyzing data from the networks.

In the past, the majority of analytics information has come from the mobile packet core, but new mobile analytics capabilities are now needed that provide real-time information from across the network, including the RAN (Radio Access Network) and the user device itself. In addition to providing information about the mobile network and its performance, analytics must now encompass how the consumer is using their device, the type of device they have and its current status, the applications being used, and consumer behavior. Active mobile analytics is needed that provides intelligence in real-time.

This paper discusses how analytics will be an important part of the Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) solution, enabling mobile operators to accurately understand the use of devices, networks, applications and services in real time, so that they can identify demand for new revenue-generating services and applications.