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A Real 5G Business Case that works: 5G Hotspots


Pages: 16

5G is now being deployed by select mobile operators around the world, but there is a problem: the initial cost to build far exceeds the expected initial revenues, such that payback on the network build is not expected until 2022 at the earliest and 2023 or later (depending on the global region) for any significant revenues.

One business case that works is to initially only build 5G ‘hotspots’ where the mobile operators need low latency to provide value-added services. 5G RAN hotspots, supported by edge compute, can provide low-latency services only where needed, thereby reducing build and operating costs but still providing 5G services.

This white paper discusses the cost to build 5G, the expected revenues to be generated from 5G, and the timeline of 5G investment and 5G revenue. It also analyzes the use of 5G hotspots with edge computing to maximize the benefits and revenue stream from 5G applications.