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5G and Connected Car: 5G Network Demands and Requirements


Pages: 28

5G is the next evolution in cellular networks. iGR believes the first commercial 5G networks should debut in late 2019 using New Radio and offering fixed wireless service. Later deployments will likely deliver on the first few use cases targeted by the 3GPP: Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), Ultra-reliable low latency communications (URLLC) and Massive machine type communications (mMTC).

The 3GPP defines Release 15 (Rel-15) as the first phase of 5G standard releases that address 5G technologies and capabilities. Both it and Release 14 (Rel-14) incorporate cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X), which is one way to deliver connected vehicle (CV) functionality.

CV began as primarily a safety-oriented vision that is designed to make vehicles, pedestrians, and the road safer through the use of warnings to the driver based on certain triggers: a pedestrian in a cross-walk, a vehicle approaching an intersection too fast, road work ahead, traffic jams etc. CV has begun to be viewed as a possible platform for enabling new services and applications well beyond the issue of safety.

This white paper provides an overview of the CV standard built into the 3GPP standards, how that standard works, how it evolves to 5G, and the types of functionalities it enables. It also discusses how 5G can enhance both connected vehicle technology and autonomous driving, and how Multi-access edge computing (MEC) can also be used to further bind the vehicle, services and network together.