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4G LTE Network Management: The Reality of Evolved Packet Core Management


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The economic slowdown and sluggish rebound in the U.S. is forcing many businesses to reevaluate their business plans. At the center of that review is a hard look at the health of the business model, and whether improvement is needed to take advantage of changing customer dynamics and business pressures. A growing number of small-­ to medium-­sized businesses (SMBs) are choosing to evolve to an activity-­based billing model to reduce customer churn and increase revenues.

Activity-­based billing (sometimes referred to as activity-­‐based pricing) is where the business charges a fee based on how customers use a product or service (activities), as opposed to a flat subscription price. Often these activities can be bundled or dynamically combined with other offers, which can increase revenue and even customer satisfaction.

iGR’s white paper, Generating New Revenues: The Rise of Activity-­‐Based Billing Models, provides details on activity-­based billing models currently in use, as well as the plans of SMBs to implement these new billing structures.