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Communications Infrastructure

The underlying infrastructure that supports communications networks

Communications Infrastructure Research Subscription Service

iGR has been researching the communications industry (and especially wireless & mobile communications) for the last 22 years: our analysts have more than 45 years of collective experience. To date, our research has been delivered through a series of detailed market research reports and subscription services, or via consulting engagements. Now, we are introducing a new subscription service to support the Communications Infrastructure industry.

iGR's Communications Infrastructure Research Subscription Service includes a series of research briefs delivered straight to your inbox. Each research brief is two to four pages in length, contains unique research on the communications infrastructure industry, and addresses specific questions or issues. This research is ONLY available through the Communications Infrastructure Research Subscription Service.

The 12-month subscription service includes:

  • 25+ Research Briefs per year delivered directly to your email inbox
  • 20 percent discount on all other iGR research reports and studies
  • Exclusive access (invite-only) to Communications Infrastructure webinars and roundtables

This research will be valuable for:

  • Tower REITs, developers and owners
  • Fiber network operators
  • Data center developers and operators
  • Rural MNOs
  • ILECs and CLECs
  • WISPs
  • Small cell providers
  • Broadband providers
  • Solution vendors
  • Financial analysts and investors.

Published and planned research brief titles include:

  • The price of steel has gone up: what’s the effect on the tower industry? published
  • Key drivers of Fixed Wireless Access costs published
  • The price of cement and concrete has gone up: what’s the effect on the tower industry? published
  • How has Home Broadband use shifted during and after the pandemic? published
  • How has Mobile Broadband use shifted during and after the pandemic? published
  • The Impact of the Metaverse, Part 1: How will the metaverse impact bandwidth demand? published
  • Private CBRS Enterprise Networks: the $22 Billion Opportunity published
  • A billion dollar problem for the Wireless Industry: Rising Gas Prices published
  • Small cells are getting bigger published
  • The Impact of Rising Interest Rates and Inflation published
  • The Impact of the Metaverse, Part 2: How much will it cost to add the necessary mobile bandwidth? published
  • What did AT&T do by selling its core network? Cut costs published
  • What is the impact of rising labor costs on communications infrastructure?
  • Why are small cells getting bigger and what does this mean?
  • Comparing Fixed wireless vs. FTTH costs
  • Increasing the Value of the Tower Site with Edge Computing
  • Risk/reward: why is communications infrastructure different from traditional infrastructure?
  • What will shared 5G infrastructure means for communications infrastructure?
  • The impact of Neutral Host
  • Broadband Alternatives: LEO
  • Broadband Alternatives: Balloons
  • Broadband Alternatives: Drones
  • Shared infrastructure for 5G – neutral host
  • Construction labour costs
  • Is CBRS easier than WiFi or DAS?
  • Fiber trenching costs
  • Power issues
  • What do Helium, Pollen, etc. mean for communications infrastructure?
  • What is the impact of a shortage of tower climbers?
  • How close is close for edge latency?
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