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Wireless & Mobile Landscape

Quarterly Trends and Analysis: Q4 2018


Pages: 32

This report, presented in a PowerPoint presentation, outlines the major trends in the U.S. wireless industry in Q4 2018.

The four main themes covered include:

  • Network – general trends about changes in the network as the industry moves to 5G
  • Fixed Wireless Access – trends relating to fixed wireless 5G deployments
  • RAN – trends in the industry related to densification, small cells, C-RAN, etc.
  • OTT – Over The Top service trends

The trends and themes covered in this report will be further explored in future quarters. iGR avoided topics that were one-time occurrences and instead focused on events that were part of an ongoing trend.

Key Questions Answered

  • What were the major trends of the wireless and mobile industry during the fourth quarter of 2018?
  • What major announcements were made by players in the mobile industry?
  • What trends were identified regarding the mobile network, fixed wireless access, RAN, and OTT services?
  • What research and forecasts of iGR support these trends?

Who Should Read

  • Mobile operators
  • Device OEMs
  • Mobile infrastructure vendors
  • Mobile backhaul services and solutions providers
  • Content providers and distributors
  • Financial and investment analysts.

Table of Contents

  • Abstract
  • A Thought for the Quarter
    • 5G Hype…How will we deliver?
  • Network
    • 5G Equipment/Deployments
    • 5G Contracts/Deployments
    • 5G Mobile Service Revenues
    • 5G Total Service Revenues
    • Edge Computing
    • Internet of Things
  • Fixed Wireless Access
    • Fixed Wireless Access announcements
    • FWA revenue forecast
  • RAN
    • 5G Refarming and Migration
    • CBRS Developments
    • Indoor small cell TAM and deployments
    • Capacity & Densification
    • Outdoor small cell TAM and deployments
  • OTT
    • Ongoing move to OTT
    • 5G Entertainment Revenues
  • Acronyms & Definitions

List of Charts and figures

  • U.S. Revenue ($M) from 5G Mobile Services, 2017-2027
  • Total Annual 5G U.S. Revenue ($M), 2017-2027
  • U.S. Service Revenue ($M) from 5G IoT, 2017-2027
  • U.S. 5G FWA Services Revenues, 2017-2027 ($M)
  • Comparison of Indoor Small Cell Node Forecast TAM and Actuals, 2017-2022
  • Comparison of Outdoor Small Cell Node TAM with Actuals, 2017-2022
  • Annual Revenue from U.S. 5G Entertainment Services, 2017-2027 ($M)

For additional information on the Quarterly Trends and Analysis: Q4 2018 market study, please contact Iain Gillott, at (512) 263-5682 or by email.