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5G Small Cells, DAS & Het-Nets

5G Small Cells, DAS & Het-Nets

Within the 5G Small Cells, DAS & Het-Nets industry area, iGR researches the overall development of the indoor and outdoor small cell market, including the demand for 5G solutions among business, consumers and mobile operators. Technologies covered include LTE-focused small cells (indoor and outdoor), indoor/outdoor distributed antenna systems (DAS), remote radio heads (RRH), Wi-Fi and small cell antennas, indoor mmWave, indoor 5G small cells and outdoor 5G small cells. The market studies, including detailed market forecasts, analyze the evolution of small cell, RRH and DAS architectures as they move from 4G LTE to 5G, Cloud-/Centralized RAN, scalable deployment paths, network slicing, and virtualized mobile networks.

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