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Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT in Manufacturing Forecast, 2015-2020: Connecting the Shop Floor to the Top Floor

The IoT market for the manufacturing sector is still in its early development. Although manufacturers are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of using IoT in factories, there is still relatively low adoption of IoT in this sector.

In an IoT environment, device sensors on the equipment on the factory floor can generate a significant amount of valuable data for manufacturers, and when this information is converged with corporate systems, significant benefits from data analytics can be gained.

This market study defines the Internet of Things, the networks that support IoT, and the benefits and issues surrounding its deployment. Further, the study discusses the use of IoT for the manufacturing market. Finally, the market study provides a five-year forecast of the number of wireless IoT sensors used in the U.S. manufacturing industry.

Key Questions Answered

  • What is the Internet of Things?
  • What types of networks are used to support the Internet of Things?
  • What are some of the perceived benefits and issues related to IoT?
  • What are the key drivers for using IoT in manufacturing and what are the concerns of those in this industry?
  • What specific IoT solutions are being used to support the manufacturing industry and which vendors are providing them?
  • How many wireless IoT sensors will be used in U.S. manufacturing over the next five years?

Who Should Read

  • Mobile operators
  • Infrastructure OEMs
  • IoT product and solution vendors
  • Financial and investment analysts.

Table of Contents

  • Abstract
  • Executive Summary
    • The Internet of Things (IoT)
    • IoT Solutions in Manufacturing
    • U.S. Manufacturing Sensors Forecast, 2015-2020
  • Methodology
  • What is the Internet of Things?
    • History
    • Defining Features
    • Industries and Examples
  • Networks that Support IoT
    • Wireless Personal Area Networks
    • Wi-Fi
    • Low-Power Wide-Area Networks
    • 3GPP Networks – 2G, 3G, LTE and Low Power LTE
    • Satellite
    • WAVE and DSRC
  • Benefits and Issues Related to IoT
    • Benefits
    • Issues
  • IoT for Manufacturing – Key Drivers
    • Improve Efficiency
    • Decrease Costs
    • Product Better Products
    • Improve Decision Making
  • IoT for Manufacturing – Major Concerns
    • Security
    • Complexity
    • Scale
    • Cloud
    • Multiple Locations
    • Lack of Standards
  • IoT for Manufacturing – Solutions
    • Terminology
    • Key Functionality
  • IoT for Security – Vendors
  • U.S. Manufacturing IoT Forecast
    • Forecast Methodology and Assumptions
    • U.S. Manufacturing Facilities Forecast, 2015 – 2020
    • U.S. Manufacturing Sensors Forecast, 2015 – 2020
  • IoT Vendor Profiles
    • Aeris
    • AppCarousel
    • Arkessa
    • Aspenta
    • AT&T
    • Bright Wolf
    • Eseye
    • Fybr
    • Globecomm
    • Ingenu
    • Inmarsat
    • InterDigital
    • Intrinsyc
    • Intwine Connect
    • Jasper
    • KORE
    • Lantronix
    • Machine-to-Machine Intelligence Corporation (M2Mi)
    • Numerex
    • Powerhouse Dynamics
    • PrismTech
    • SIGFOX
    • SouthernLINC Wireless
    • Sprint
    • Stream Technologies
    • T-Mobile US
    • ThingWorx
    • Verizon
    • Vodafone
  • Definitions
    • General
    • Device Types
    • Services
    • Network Technology
  • About iGR
    • Disclaimer

List of Tables

  • Table 1: WPAN Technologies and Wi-Fi Compared
  • Table 2: 3GPP Low-Power Technologies
  • Table 3: Benefits and Issues of IoT
  • Table 4: Total Area of U.S. Manufacturing Facilities, 2015-2020
  • Table 5: Sensors in U.S. Manufacturing Facilities, 2015-2020, by Type of Sensor

List of Charts and Figures

  • Figure A: Sensors in U.S. Manufacturing Facilities, 2015-2020, by Type of Sensor
  • Figure 1: Mesh Network Topology
  • Figure 2: Piconet Network Topology
  • Figure 3: LoRaWAN Network
  • Figure 4: Total Area of U.S. Manufacturing Facilities, 2015-2020
  • Figure 5: Sensors in U.S. Manufacturing Facilities, 2015-2020, by Type of Sensor

For additional information on the IoT in Manufacturing Forecast, 2015 - 2020: Connecting the Shop Floor to the Top Floor market study, please contact Iain Gillott, at (512) 263-5682 or by email.