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iGR Quarterly & Custom Surveys

As part of all its ongoing market research, iGR conducts quarterly surveys of mobile consumers. The data arising from these surveys informs a great deal of our work and opinion. iGR fields additional surveys of both consumers and other “demographics” – e.g., mobile developers, IT managers at large, medium and small businesses. For our own research needs alone, we survey more than 1,000 U.S. consumers each quarter.

iGR is able to add specific questions to ongoing quarterly surveys for clients. No other clients see the results of these program-specific questions. This allows clients to cost-effectively survey the wireless marketplace by leveraging iGR’s ongoing efforts and cost structure.

Clients have access to customize survey questions on a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual basis. Our in-house survey capabilities allow us to build and field custom surveys and deliver raw data and comprehensive analysis in a timely manner. Examples of custom surveys include:

  • Domestic survey projects across most U.S. target demographics with detail down to the ZIP code, if required.
  • Client-specific surveys of an operator's own subscribers or those of a competitor across one state or multiple states, as required. Surveys can be tailored to specific states, cities or metro areas.
  • Research surveys in multiple regions of the world and in multiple languages.

For more details on survey opportunities and services, please contact iGR directly.

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